Westland Survival MOD APK 2.2.1 (Unlimited Food & More) 2022

Westland survival mod APK is an adventure category game. Helio Games created this Westland survival mod APK. It is a very famous game in the world.

You can check its positive ratings on the google play store. It has a 4.4 stars rating out of 5 stars. More than 300k people write their opinion on Westland survival mod APK.

It has more than 10 million downloads or installs on the google play store. This game has been played at the world level. You can check its downloads. It requirements are very low.

You can download it on your smartphone having a minimum version of 6.0 and can be above which will not cause any matter. The latest version of Westland survival mod APK is 1.5.1, which has updated on 31 March 2021.

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About Westland survival mod APK

Many people say that Westland survival mod APK is a copy application of Last Day on Earth. Surviving in Westland has never been on the battlefield. However, you can survive in Westland survival mod APK.

It is a western-style role-playing game by Helio games. The difference is that in the Westland survival mod APK has a Western American context so it has a bright colour difference, not like the horror type in Last Day on Earth.

If you want to become a cowboy and solve all your issues with a gun, then this game has made for you. There is no right or wrong, there is just weak and strong.

Those who are weak become slaves of strong ones. Strong is the ruler of that Westland. In this era, survival is not so easy. If you become strong then you have a threat of death every time.

To survive, you have to learn how to fight and defend yourself. Your character is as a trader in Westland survival mod APK. In this game, you have to take revenge on the people who died in your caravan.

You can solve this mystery with a gun. You have to find that who is behind all this. Revenge is the only thing left that encourages you to take your revenge.

For doing all this, you have to learn how to survive in the middle of the desert without having money. The robber took away all from you, your money, your friend and your property.

Therefore, you do not have a house to live in. You can sell items if you have too many extra items. With these items, you can exchange money or can exchange items you want.

In the middle of the desert, you have to collect some wood and stones to build a house. Because at nighttime real danger comes. In that danger, a house is not a bad idea.

Many people want to take your life. Some of them are thieves; some are other players who want to steal your items, some predators and bounty hunters.

You have to protect yourself from all these people in Westland survival. The way is that you have to prepare a powerful weapon and improve your fighting skills.

When your level in the Westland survival game is increased then your health and power will increase. The game is not only a surviving game but also has stunning 3D graphics.

Get Westland survival APK 2021

Westland Survival APK is a surviving game. In this game, you can test your skills that how you will survive in the middle of the desert having no food or money.

This is a real-life experience game. You have to fight with gangsters and robbers. In other surviving games, you have to survive against zombies.

However, Westland survival APK gave us chance to survive and fight with gangsters such as in real life. After getting alone in the desert, your real journey will start from there.

This game has stunning graphics with bright colours. You can also customize your character after getting high level. At a higher level, many other things will unlock.

In Westland Survival APK, you are free to choose your gender whether female or male. In addition to this, you can select your character’s hairstyle, face colour, beard or not, hair colour.

This means that you can build your character on your own choice, which is an awesome feature of Westland survival APK. Also, you can do many jobs while surviving in the desert.

You can go for hunting deer to get some food to eat. On the other hand, you can go mining in caves in search of minerals. Although, you can go for woodcutting so that in return you can earn money.

Download Westland survival APK mod

It is the best game in its category. Now it is time for enjoying its latest version. Because in this app you have to purchase something to go faster in surviving.

When you have insufficient items in this latest version, will you provide them free of cost? You will have unlimited money, unlimited food, and unlimited resources.

How to download and install Westland survival mod APK.

If you are looking at this website on a mobile phone then follow these steps:

  1. Go to the download button on this website and click on it.
  2. After the click, your download will be started.
  3. Then open the downloaded file to install
  4. After clicking the install button, this will ask permission of your phone.
  5. At last, you have to give access and unlock unknown recourses of your setting.

However, if you are looking on a laptop or desktop then follow these steps:

  1. Just download the game setup through the website link.
  2. Transfer this file to your mobile through data transferring cables, through WIFI- DIRECT, through Bluetooth or USB.

After transferring the file, the next procedure will be the same on the above steps like on mobile.

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At the end of this article, I will say that if you want to have some real fun of cowboy life. You have to download Westland survival mod APK once in your life.

This is a worldwide playing game with stunning graphics. You can download it from our website. Download button has been given on the website.

If you are facing any problem, regarding installs then comment below and let us know about your issue. Otherwise, you can contact us through email. We will solve your problem as soon as possible.

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