The Greedy Cave MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v4.0.6 Latest 2022

Download the latest version of The Greedy Cave mod APK, a role-playing game that includes unlimited money and coins.

About The Greedy Cave MOD APK

In a distant land, there used to be a considerable mainland called Milton. It was a land where the force of rule dropped by the sword and the little known, where Men who gave themselves to the edge of mage craft could turn into the best heroes, savvies wizards, or the best explorers.

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In this land, there are a few realms isolated by borders, however, joined through history. Endless accounts of coalitions, commotion, and snapshots of harmony embellish this embroidered artwork. However, that is a story for another day.

Our story starts in a distant realm toward the north, Iblis, a dark and frequently neglected spot. It is a wild and desolate land, where its kin scratches a living from the earth, digging minerals for the rulers of the south.

Every so often, globe-trotters would make a trip for the evening yet never wait. Until one day, a youngster explorer got lost and coincidentally found an opening. The story may have finished then had he not return, yet return he did, with sacks of gold and sparkling fortune.

The Gameplay

Along with this, like a wild hurricane from the north, information on his acclaim and fortune fanned across the realms short-term. Lords sent their most courageous heroes and globe-trotters to get the cavern free from beasts looking for treasure. Indeed, even workers needing a piece of this freshly discovered abundance participated in these undertakings.

Instantly by any means, a clamoring town had jumped up in this neglected spot. Individuals set up camps and shaped their gatherings to investigate the cave.

In addition to The Greedy Cave mod APK, cunning vendors are not passing up on this chance, constructed bars and shops close to the shelter. Offering gear and mixtures to excited explorers. From the get-go, everything appeared all well.

As travelers dove into the caves, they experienced new animals and found new fortunes. Secrets kept pouring forward from the cave, yet no one knew where the wellspring of the insider facts lay.

Be that as it may, as the investigations proceeded, the equilibrium of abundance past the cave started to falter. Breaks showed up among those travelers who had recently worked affectionately intertwined.


The tenderfoots or feeble, restricted to meandering the upper levels of the cave, could look as the veteran travelers brought a large number of fortunes from the profound.

Moreover, they started holding onto dull contemplations as they watched the veteran globe-trotters become pompous from their generosity. Bossing individuals around, accumulating privileged insights from the rest. The spot turned into a rotting pool of doubts and covetousness, buried in a jealous fury.

Although, it began with a traveler vanishing into the cave. Tales flowed. He had tracked down some incredible fortune and stored it for himself. Others said he had been directed to another world by some strange wizardry power in the cave.

In any case, the implicit conviction was that he hosted been killed by an opponent gathering and was covered someplace underneath the caverns.

Furthermore, no one knows precisely what occurred, yet individuals have kept on vanishing from that point onward. As more individuals have disappeared. A few explorers have punched out, others stick to trust, and a couple of proceeding to sit back and watch. It carries us to you, a standard youngster, coming into this unprecedented situation with purposes obscure to others.

On the other hand, in The Greedy Cave you are a bold globe-trotter entrusted with investigating a baffling cave and engaging a wide range of beasts.

Utilize your brains to overcome them, master various abilities, acquire vital gear. Challenge abhorrent beast managers, and translate the strange encompassing this cave.

Game Features 

  • Randomly created cave levels give an alternate game encounter without fail!
  • Many beasts to overcome!
  • Hundreds of gear to gather!
  • Hundreds of journeys and accomplishments to overcome!
  • Enchant/Reform/Level up/Gold gathering, and more plentiful frameworks to investigate!

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