Download Rovercraft Mod APK 1.40 Latest 2022 (Unlimited Money)

Download the latest version of Rovercraft mod APK, a racing game that includes unlimited money.

About Rovercraft mod APK

Play The World Famous Car Crafting Runner with, as of now, a great many downloads in the UK! You’ll be gassed out playing RoverCraft!

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RoverCraft is an exciting arcade venture, played on the slopes of far-off planets on a meanderer that you have fabricated. Since you plan your vehicle, its prosperity relies upon YOU!

Motivation to utilize RoverCraft: 

– Play with your RoverCraft more than three games modes: Planets, Challenges, and Tournaments.

– Hundreds of Challenges are hanging tight for you for interminable and habit-forming fun!

– Ride and Drive your created whip through the planets and find a great and bright excursion

-Thousands of things and mint pieces to gather to make your fantasy wanderer and have an insane meanderer truck

– Multiplayer mode with regular competitions against the players from one side of the planet to the other.

– Spin our Wheel to get ordinary gifts and rewards!

– Assembling your vehicle has never been so fun! From collecting reactors, motors, haggles!

– Collect Trophies and intrigue your companions

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– Don’t fear the Dirt! Play it messy with your extensive beast truck wanderer and gas it up!

– Bring your vehicle into the system and Astro! Cross the planet with your created vehicle and conquer the stars; however, don’t escape gas!

– Had a significant day? Treat yourself to a crazy slope climbing game!

– Assemble piece by piece your meanderer with our tiled framework; it’s simple! Prepared to stunt your new Rovercraft?

– Upgrade your vehicle, and the fun never stops with refreshes constantly and new guides.

– Assemble piece by piece your meanderer with our tiled framework; it’s simple!

Are you prepared to stunt your new Rovercraft? 

– Equip your whip with stream motors, reactors, super-haggles of different redesigns, and take the test of ascending the lofty piles of extraordinary planets. Drive your beast meanderer cautiously – there are numerous risks ahead. You may run out of fuel, meet a lofty and arduous slant, your vehicle might lose its wheels, or your pilot might get a tear in his spacesuit.


– 14 distinct planets from the world to race on (additional to come soon), Earth, Mercury, Venus, Mars, PSO318, Charon, Uranus, Neptune, Cyber931, Pandora, Polaris, Steamcraft, Enceladus, Comet.

– Endless things to add to your space vehicle.

– Earn collectibles and accomplishments to win prizes!

– 3 unique modes, Challenges, Planets, and Tournaments

– Tiled Editing mode to make your space vehicle without any problem.

– Multiplayer mode.

– Stunning HD designs from every one of the planets.

– Advanced, reasonable physical science motor.

– Player can make unlimited kinds of wanderers; fabricating and creating your vehicle has never been so straightforward.

– The game is a blend of creating and hustling, making it a good time for all ages.

– Universal application.

– Free to play

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