Pokemon Magikarp Jump MOD APK 1.3.9 Latest 2022 (Unlimited Money)

Download the latest version of Pokemon Magikarp Jump mod APK, a simulation game for android which includes free purchases and unlimited money.

About Pokemon Magikarp Jump MOD APK

What is this world coming? It’s a Pokémon game about the most fragile Pokémon ever—Magikarp! Anybody can play this basic game in their extra an ideal opportunity to make the most magnificent Magikarp ever in this authority Pokémon application!

What sort of Pokemon is Magikarp? 

・ It’s famous—for being despicably feeble, temperamental, and by and largely futile.

・It can’t become familiar with any incredible moves—everything it does is flop near and sprinkle!

・When it tumbles it’s too high in the sky, it’s occasionally caught by the Bird Pokémon Pidgeotto—gone forever!

Many excellent occasions lie available for this pitiful Pokémon. Be that as it may, relax—it’ll simply continue jumping until it can’t jump any longer!

What sort of game is this?

  • Simple controls let anybody effectively raise numerous ages of Magikarp

Tap the food that shows up on the screen to take care of your Magikarp, or have it complete preparing to expand its Jump Power! It’s not difficult to do, and with every age you raise, the cutting edge becomes considerably quicker!

  • Discover a wide range of Magikarp to show your companions

You can fish up a wide range of Magikarp with uncommon examples like calico and polka dabs! When you experience an uncommon Magikarp, show it off to your companions on your online media organizations!

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  • Pokémon like Pikachu and Piplup are here to help

Various well-known Pokémon can seem to assist your Magikarp with development. Continue to play to discover which Pokémon you’ll get to know!

  • Spruce up your lake with Decorations!

Tidy up the lake where you raise your Magikarp. You can make the perfect lake and assist your Magikarp with developing, as well!

■ Notes 

・ Terms of Use

If it’s not too much trouble, read the Terms of Use before utilizing this application.

・ Saved information

Your play information for this game might be saved money! On your nearby gadget. Simply by utilizing the reinforcement work inside the application, would you reinforce your protected information at that point to be put away on the worker? We suggest that players back up their information frequently.

・ Device settings

You will be unable to dispatch this application, contingent upon your gadget’s settings. A few capacities may become unavailable if certain activities (like establishing) perform to keep up with reasonableness among players. The accompanying devices are additionally not upheld for this game, so you will not have the option to download the application on any of these gadgets:

・ Connection climate

When speaking with the worker from inside the game, a helpless Internet association, like when you’re purchasing things from the Shop, can prompt your information to become tainted or lost.

Kindly ensure you are in an area with great gathering when utilizing highlights that depend on an Internet association. Kindly note that we can’t help you on the off chance that you experience issues because of correspondence blunders.

・Before making buys

Android OS 4.1 or higher needs this application. Accessible highlights may rely upon your gadget’s OS variant. Kindly ensure that you can utilize for nothing highlights this item without any issues on your device before you make buys. Specific gadgets, as well as designs, may likewise make the application neglect to work.

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