Pocket Troops MOD APK 1.40.1 Latest 2022 (Unlocked Full)

Download the latest version of Pocket Troops mod APK, a role-playing game for android which includes unlimited money and unlocks the full version.


Small-scale extraordinary fighters prepare for your directions, Commander. Pocket Troops is an animation front-line military shooter.

It would help if you led a gangster smaller than the usual multitude of daring and intentional commandants and battle against solid military managers.

Furthermore, are you searching for a group of cutting-edge scaled-down champions you can place in your pocket? Assemble a follower group of experienced contenders.

Select and train a ragtag band of fighters and bring them into a fight. Take on different players and show them who the activity chief is.

Military Features

Cheerful interactivity with vital and strategic fights and backhanded troop control!

In addition to this, Pocket Troops is a covering game classification technique shooter.

Little, furious armed force fellows with an enormous assortment of insane weapons and stuff!

Furthermore, An insane history with a malicious armed force trouble maker who plots to assume control over the world so he can make everybody don dark! It’s a military occasion!

Along with this, army installation, cover overhauls, and calm, intelligent offices: cash gadget, fish tank, “delicate kitty, warm kitty, little chunk of hide,” and other genuinely military toys.

In any case, in truth, it’s a colossal variety of weapons to pound an adversary: gun, shotgun, expert sharpshooter rifles, automatic gun, gunnery, etc.

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Handmade music and childish illustrations enlivened and endorsed by a guinea pig named Boris.

Guess what?! Our great activity fighters are essentially comprised of good jokes and consistently will discover something to giggle at and make you chuckle!

There are a few soldiers of fortune in the game; every one of them has its characteristics and abilities:


Fast, lightweight, all-around reinforced, and battle fighter! Outfitted with mid-range programmed rifles. An ideal unit to step up to the plate in a fight.


A long-range weaponry expert with the highest precision and most noteworthy difference in actual harm! In any case, she has a feeble guard.

Heavy armament specialist

O the other hand, long reach weapons with sprinkle harm covering various focuses in this procedure shooter.


The officer is a fan of long-range hefty assault rifles. Moreover, arrangements bunches of harm, however, have low precision. High wellbeing focuses and recovery makes him a genuine, intense rival. A natural armed force, man!


A shotgun insane person for short proximity fights. High exactness with sprinkle harm covering various targets—Utilizations grenades against adversaries with long-range weapons.


An expert of close battle, lightweight, and very much reinforced. Difficult to prepare, however absolutely incredible. His teleportation stunts can give his adversary a genuine migraine—a genuine professional killer.

Many missions and supervisors with an intriguing plot and wonderful childish designs won’t cause you to get exhausted. Battle with different players and rival them in the worldwide test map.

The activity of the game begins with warrior games and armed force games shooters. Beat the chief, win adversaries in these tactical armed force games.

We are attempting to make an ideal armed force item and would appreciate any criticism and wants for working on the game.

Final Words 

In the end, we will say that it is the best game we have ever seen before; it contains different features and excellent graphics quality.

For download, you can follow these steps. If you still have any problems, then contact us through the comment section or email.

We will solve your issue as soon as possible. For more updates about games like this or any other category, you can allow notifications on our website to get more updates.

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