I Am Innocent MOD APK 2.16.126 latest 2022 (Unlimited Money)

Download the latest version of I am Innocent mod APK, a simulation game for android.

About I am Innocent MOD APK

Secret games and texting games from the makers of detective games Sentence, Memento, and the series of investigation games which is the killer.

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Investigate a series of murders with young victims in secret games. The killings are some way or another identified with the disappearance of your sister numerous years prior.

Moreover, all powers are tossed into the criminal investigation to find the killer. Investigate the secret and answer the central question of the detective game — who is the killer?

🏆 Detective! Hid the cadaver in Nobodies crime scene investigation?

Survived in Duskwood interactive investigation? Prevailed in Simulacra detective thriller? Then, at that point, attempt to investigate the killer case and manage another realistic detective simulator in texting games.

Teenager games with particular interactive detective games, secret content games, and crime investigation find the killer game! Find the killer and address the case, or he’s going to find YOU in these content-based games thriller games.

Critical provisions of detective games and murder secret content games:

Furthermore, I am innocent brings esthetic games to a higher level, maintaining the storyline games traditions of serial killer games Criminal case, Sara is Missing, Murder in the Alps, and detective thriller Simulacra!

Unusual characters of the crime investigation! Investigate teen games and find the killer in detective games’ secret!

Game Features

🎬 Text-based games with bunch visits, calls, photographs, and criminal video evidence of the secret texting story games obscure the line between text games and storyline games with the investigation in the style of thriller games Duskwood, Simulacra, and Birdlife.

✅You can find the killer and stop the series of murders or fail the investigation. Begin crime scene investigation like in Sara is missing, examine realities like in Simulacra, and experience killer games like in Duskwood interactive investigation or text game Replika.

🧩The complex topics canvassed in high schooler games can influence everybody, like the individual drama of the legends of Bitlife, Sara is missing, and Replika. Investigation games in serial killer games will give you an essential experience in solving crime games.

Unique opportunities in detective simulator offline games:


💡 THINK overreactions in the find the killer game: interactive investigation gives you an opportunity during detective game, still recollect about the responsibilities for the investigation results with multiple endings in games for teens.

😎You can think into virtual information bases to address the secret in games for adolescents: killer should respond in due order regarding his killer game.

😱 SAVE your friends and family from the serial killer games by interactive games for youngsters’ dialogs.

🔎 ANALYZE the evidence in secret games — and you’ll get an opportunity to stop the series of secret homicides, address the secret, and complete crime investigation after all investigation games.

Psychological detective games — texting story games or thriller games?

The gameplay

🕵️ Detective game is an incredible motivation to begin your investigation, manage personal issues and put all the evidence of the crime scene investigation in its place.

Interactive investigation in this content game detective simulator will help you become a piece of esthetic games and the finding of the serial killer.

Dive into the characters’ anticipation conflicts in addicting games — everyone lies! So don’t become involved with a snare of lies during your investigation of homicide and settle the case!

Tension offline games, addicting games, or murder secret story games? This realistic detective texting game will assist you with getting one bit nearer to the mystery of the high school games and address the crime games.

The conflict of emotions and reason in games for young people makes the plot of the detective thriller significantly more realistic than classic investigation games.

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