FM WhatsApp APK v9.35 (Latest 2022)

FM WhatsApp APK is an application that allows users to enhance the chat experience through messages. Various theme skins, icons, and many more features will maximize the user experience.

About FM WhatsApp APK

FM WhatsApp is a unique tool that can significantly increase the user’s messaging experience. If you have known or even used today’s leading messaging application – WhatsApp, this will be a toolkit created for you. With this app, users will experience top extras for upgrading their messaging capabilities.


Choose From Different Themes

One of the most basic problems that messaging applications often encounter will be boredom in the interface. This can give their users a lot of boredom in the period of use. Now, the photo app will give you a very high level of interface customization with beautiful themes and optimal messaging usage.

Increase The Length Of State Or Icon Packs

Have you ever felt that expressing your feelings with messaging apps is extremely difficult? Then FM WhatsApp can solve the problem of emotional expression very simply with the icons that are already prepared in the message section for you. Or, if you are a person who often uses messages to tell stories, limiting the characters will also be a big problem. So the application has also increased the length of the status segments to 250 different characters so that they can easily express all their emotions in a message.

Ability To Use Two Accounts In Parallel

Moreover, for users of the WhatsApp messaging application who have two different accounts, using them will be extremely troublesome. But when it comes to this application, your problem will be solved entirely quickly through additional features. Thanks to this feature, users will be able to use two different accounts in parallel in just one login with one device.

Increase The File Transfer Rate

With internet messaging systems, it will always be impossible to send data between users in a chat. However, thanks to the ability to transmit file types up to 50 MB in size with relative simplicity, this problem will be resolved with relative ease. It doesn’t matter if you want to share videos to your loved ones or friends because their maximum capacity may hold up to 1 GB of data.

Protect Chat

Currently, messaging applications will always be personal items that users do not want to read. So when coming to FM WhatsApp, users will be able to completely protect their conversations with their relatives or friends through the ability of very high-security layers.

Now try to think of a password for yourself that only you can remember. And then set them up with your secret messages so that no one can log in without your consent. Your chat will be protected through end-to-end pencryption.

Hide Annoying Notifications

One of the unpleasant experiences with using your device will be receiving notifications that you don’t want to receive. With the unique research of the application developer, you will now be able to solve your problem exceptionally quickly. With just a few simple steps, you will be able to completely hide the notifications or spam messages that you do not want to see in your notifications.

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