Drilla Mod APK 8.6.3 [Unlimited money] latest 2022

Download the latest version of Drilla mod APK, a strategy game that includes unlimited money.

About Drilla mod APK

Drilla MOD APK– it is an underground system that dives into the removal and examination world.

The Drill is influenced quite a bit. Objective – to gather great Drill and burrow to the focal point of the earth. It is rarely exhausting; you can generally discover baffling things, hidden assets, or old fortunes in the underground mine: mine and open minerals, uncommon or not. Update your Drill, and create new parts as per secret drawings. Beat hardships, burrowing through solid rocks. Attempt to turn into the best digger on the planet!

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Key provisions 

Different minerals.

More than 20 minerals are accessible in the game. You can concentrate and utilize each sort of mineral for selling or creating.


Utilize mined minerals to overhaul your Drill. More than 200 subtleties are accessible.

Programmed burrowing.

Charge a battery and Drilla will burrow and concentrate minerals when you disconnected.

World rating. 

Become №1 in all alliances in the World TOP and take all prizes.


Help a pack of mole diggers consistently, and they will impart their wealth to you. They have a ton of journeys; you won’t be exhausted.

Tribe framework. 

Make your tribe or join a current family. Offer minerals with companions and contend in tribes fights for underground fortunes consistently.


You can have a partner in the game. It assists you with burrowing and brightens your Drill.

Fortunes and sponsors.

You can discover sponsors and fortunes in the mine. You will take gold and uncommon minerals from treasures—play utilizing sponsors to build your burrowing and mining speed.


Gather assortments of the old stuff and feel yourself like a classicist 🙂

Pinnacle mode. 

To burrow isn’t to assemble, yet it very well maybe. Settle the simple riddle, gather squares, and construct the most noteworthy pinnacle.

In some cases, you can see a Yegor.

Did you jump at the chance to penetrate? We will be delighted with your great surveys!

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