Cloud Raiders MOD APK v5.01 Latest 2022 (unlimited money)

Download the latest version of Cloud Raiders mod APK, a strategy game that includes unlimited money.

About Cloud Raiders MOD APK

Update 7.8.0 codenamed Belt’n’Raid has landed!

Westland Survival MOD APK 1.5.1 (Unlimited Food & More) 2022

  • Battle Belt for your main four things utilized in attacks. We felt that taking a massive load of consumables into a fight wasn’t right – yet we didn’t contact your barrels, we swear!
  • Belt sets to switch among PvP and PvE loadouts rapidly. Changing your loadout by hand each time you switch an objective is to 7.7.0!
  • New Clan Tasks will assist you with standing apart from the group with delightful Clan Emblem customization. 11/10 Seagulls enjoyed it!
  • Loading Times were diminished – less time pausing, additional time striking!
  • Bombastic, Marauder, and Gauntlet rebalanced – see what’s happening!
  • All mythical beast heroes are also rebalanced – a debt of gratitude is for your ideas! Look at what changed in-game. ‘
  • Gold Drills are presently more robust, expanding their Gold yield. Hurrah!
  • Traps are way less expensive to rearm!
  • Clan Wars: we’re almost there; visit our local area to figure out how they’ll function!

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Cloud Raiders launches activity procedures to confounding new statures! In a sky loaded up with gliding islands, you should overwhelm them all. The most astonishing thing? You have a 5,000,000-ton gliding island fortress to assist you with doing it! Collect your multitude of heartless raiders and change your island into an invulnerable stronghold of destruction! Structure groups with your companions and shoot your foes out of the skies


Invigorate your base with roaring guns, sly snares, and hypnotized antiques, then, at that point, lead your soldiers on forays to battle off interlopers and withstand crowds of skyborne adversaries. Horrendous pirates are just the main danger not too far off, so they rapidly disperse their obnoxious armada to the four breezes. Train a multitude of hatchet-shaking pirates, projectile heaving bombardiers, fire-breathing winged serpents, and a lot more fearsome champions to take the battle to your adversaries!

Key provisions: 

★ Millions of procedures, yet only one objective: Grab the other person’s take!

★ Form factions and battle for worldwide strength! Fight your approach to positioned PvP magnificence!

★ Charge through an epic mission across Floating Fortresses, Pirate Rafts, and other refreshing airborne fights!

★ Pit your military against unbelievable managers and privateer masters! Supposedly, monster golems wander the cloud backwoods. However, those are fanciful stories, isn’t that so?

★ Summon excellent new units consistently to battle close!

★ Protect your base with great guns, shrewd snares, and different strongholds! Get everyone excited from their dugouts to figure out your assailants!

★ Unlock the maximum capacity of your champions, spells, and legends by updating them in the research center!

★ Brew your buffs to get an edge on the combat zone! Don’t let your bombardiers close to the brewery. That is a mishap simply already in the works!

★ Call in destroying gun salvos from your Battle Carrier! Open new ammunition moves up to demolish your adversaries!

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