Castle Defense 2 Mod APK v3.2.2 Latest 2022 (Unlimited money)

Download the latest version of Castle Defense 2 mod APK, a strategy game that includes unlimited money.

About Castle Defense 2 MOD APK

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Another time of war has shown up—the continuation of the first pinnacle defense game with more than 10,000,000 players worldwide: Castle Defense 2.


A long time back, the realms of man were scrutinized in a conflict that kept going for many years. Just with the guide of amazing legends, old-fashioned magic, and the craftiness technique of incredible pioneers was humanity ready to shield itself and repulse the orcish onslaught. Peace followed, however, not until the end of time. Scouts reports that devil power is ascending at the edge of our Kingdom. The orcs have held onto huge wild that was once our hunting grounds. Someplace in the wilderness, the detestable ones have opened an entry to the under the domain and hoard multitudes of unspeakable detestations.

Extraordinary legends, any place you are. Your sovereign has brought you! Right now is an ideal opportunity to protect our domain before it’s lost to murderous evil presences for eternity. Go along with us in our conflict against evil.

Although, another period of war has shown up. Pinnacle defense magnum opus – Castle Defense 2- – is clearing the pinnacle defense world. By consolidating conventional pinnacle defense gameplay with RPG components and all new Battle Pets, Castle Defense 2 has made a combination of procedures and a different pinnacle defense experience.

Moreover, oppose rushes of foes by consolidating the vital position of defense towers just as using the abilities of incredible saints. Honorable knights, sorcery wizards, mythical serpent riders, and more are all at your order.

Game Features 


★ Furthermore, floating Fortress, Super Fort, Steam Plant, Alchemist’s Laboratory, and more enchanted pinnacles!


★ Berserker from the Volcano, A Mysterious Female Assassin, The Mage of the Woods. Each with one-of-a-kind gear and specific abilities. You order the legends to assist with protecting where pinnacles aren’t sufficient.


★ Upgrade abilities along the way you pick, adding a unique mix of RPG techniques to the game.


★ Fight close by your legends in the protracted conflict ahead; your mysterious Battle Pets can be the contrast between triumph or rout!


★ Giant and Horrific Golem, The Evil Warlock who can tear the texture of room time, The Wurm with an antiquated yearning, and spritely covered up trolls!


★ Choose shrewdly, place your pinnacles deliberately, or be invaded by the foe!

[Campaign Mode]: Fight your direction page by page through your own story

[Endless Mod]: Face a large number of rushes of beasts. Rout is unavoidable; however, how long would you be able to endure?

[Expedition Mode]: 15 new stages, each not quite the same as before with new .unforeseen difficulties!

[Boss Rush]: join players across the world to overcome the World Boss! Partake on the planet’s most significant online fight!

[PVP Arena]: Pit your powers against one more player in PVP mode. Fight for greatness and honor (and honor focuses!)

Complete fledglings guide makes you a proficient innovator right away.

★TIP: This game is hell’a fun!

★Don’t should be online to play!

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