Bulu Monster MOD APK 8.2.0 Latest 2022 unlimited money

Bulu monster MOD APK is a role-playing game. It contains ads and offers us an app-in-purchase system.

It has a 4.1 stars rating out of 5 stars on the Google play store. More than 200k people write their reviews about the game.

It has more than 5 million downloads or installs. Its requirements are deficient, and you can play the game on any device having an android version 4.4 and above.

About Bulu Monster MOD APK

Bulu Monster APK is the most popular game of the publisher Sigma Game Limited. It was released for Android in mid-2013.

The game is over seven years old, but the developer is still releasing content updates to refresh the player experience.

Bulu Monster is like a shortened version of the popular Age of Magic. You create characters to role-play, roam around areas on the map to collect and fight monsters.

Moreover, your goal in this adventure is to become the best monster trainer. The battles in Bulu Monster are pretty familiar and straightforward.

You don’t even need instructions from the system if you’ve played Pokemon games before.

Monster skills are displayed at the bottom of the screen; you can choose complementary skills to perform each time it is your turn.

Bulu Monster APK’s map is set up like roads. You can choose your direction. As a result, you will meet different challenges and monsters.

When a fight occurs, the screen will automatically move to the battlefield without asking your opinion. So make sure you are always ready to fight!

Furthermore, Bulu Monster APK has over 150 types of monsters for you to collect and train. During the game, you can catch wild monsters through a ball called Capture Ball.

But to catch them, you need to weaken them in battle, then choose the ball that matches each species’ strength.

Each monster has a relatively complex system of stats and skills. During the game, they will gain experience to level up.

Along with HP, damage, speed will rise to higher levels.

The task system is updated every day; new tasks also open up as your journey turns to a new page.

Download Bulu Monster MOD APK

If you are bored of playing other action games, you should try Bulu Monster APK; it will change your life. Bulu Monster’s battles are similar to other monster-catching games.

Whenever you run into another monster, you can send one of your own into battle and choose what skills it uses during your turn as you try to beat your opponent.

Of course, you don’t have to attack every monster; you can also capture it and add it to your team.

Although Bulu Monster has an unoriginal storyline, its easy-to-use gameplay makes it an excellent game for Android users of all ages.

Overall, it’s an excellent RPG with several game modes, 150 monsters to catch, and a tale of friendship that anyone would enjoy.

As you explore each map, you’ll find monsters to battles, other trainers, and loads of treasure you can use to level up your team.

Install Bulu Monster MOD APK 

In the game, Android gamers will find themselves playing as a daring trainer who decided to take on his ultimate monster collecting adventures on the island of Bulu.

Here, you’ll find yourself having access to a fantastic world of incredible creatures with extraordinary powers.

And to fully make use of their extraordinary powers, we have the trainers who dedicated their lives to train and strengthen their monsters through the unbreakable bonds.

In addition to this, gamers will have their chances to take on a series of exciting in-game experiences with multiple stage-based adventures.

You can take on the endless levels and stages as you dive into the unique monster battles against others while having fun with the captivating in-game stories. Take on and overcome any in-game challenges as you progress in Bulu Monster.

Along with this, you can start your ultimate monster collecting journeys in Bulu Monster APK as you have fun with the exciting and captivating in-game stories.

Have fun with exciting events and take on incredible missions that will take you through the exciting island of Bulu.

Although, start by saving your monster friend, Rania, from the hands of the evil trainers, and begin your ultimate quests to rid them of the peaceful lands of Bulu Monster APK.

How to Download Bulu Monster MOD APK

You can download this game by following these steps. After completing the steps, your game will install on your mobile phone.

If you see this article on your mobile phone, then follow these steps.

  1. Go to setting in your phone, then go to the security setting and then go to the unknown resources turn on unknown resources.
  2. After turn on, go back to the website click the download button.
  3. After download, open the file then; it will take some time, and your game will install on your device.

If you are facing this article on a laptop or pc, follow these steps.

  1. Firstly, you have to download the setup file on your pc or laptop.
  2. Secondly, you have to transfer the downloaded file to your mobile phone through Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth, USB, and data cable.
  3. After moving, further steps will work the same on mobile.

Last Words

In the end, I will say that if you are a true lover of RPG games, then you have to try this game once in your life; it will change your gaming experience about RPG games.

You can play it once in your life, and I hope you will enjoy it. In my personal experience, I am telling you that the game is fantastic.

For download, you can follow these steps. If you still have any problems, then contact us through the comment section or email.

We will solve your issue as soon as possible. For more updates about games like this or any other category, you can allow notifications on our website to get more updates.

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