PUBG Mobile Best Game Ever in Action category

About PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is one of the finest and greatest games ever played by millions of people all over the world. In PUBG mobile there are many features that you can enjoy while playing this game. Moreover, it is an online game where you can compete with different 100 players at a time in the world. It is the first game that started tournaments internationally in the mobile category. Whenever you play this game you will find it unique and strategic. Because in PUBG Mobile you can make strategies to defeat enemies and make the planning to rush into the enemies.


PUBG Mobile has many features that stand out from all other games like Call of Duty and other action games. These features are as follows.

Classic Maps

In PUBG Mobile, there are many maps that you can play in a beautiful game. Like you can play its map Erangel. It is very popular and mostly played by users. Its benefit is you can find all guns available on this map and you can loot to kill enemies. On the other hand, there is a map named Mirammer.

It is a desert-type map and a huge map. Its benefits are unbelieve able like new guns are there which are not on the previous map and in other maps. It’s a desert field fighting having snipers and big is a plus point that you can engage an enemy from the distance. Sankhok is one finest and mostly played by players.

Its place is named BootCamp where all players landed on this place. When you landed there is a big fight with enemies to survive there you have to make strategies. Other places also have good and beautiful graphics. It is a green map where you will find campers got prone in the grass and it is difficult to find them while wearing a Guille suit which is found in the air drops.

Another important map is Vikendi. It is all about snow falling and snowy areas like snow mountains and parks. In this map, tough fights can happen. If you don’t play this map usually then you will be killed by enemies easily. To study this map, you have played every day and its locations. UBG Mobile is a huge game to play while having ranked maps and unranked maps separately.

Arena Maps

Furthermore, you can play Arena maps if you get bored with the classics. Arena maps are also good to play. You can practice there before playing classic. If you are a new player then you play the first arena maps to test and improve your skills. You can select any gun your favorite in the arena to kill enemies.

Moreover, there is a new map in the arena category that PUBG Mobile has launched in the recent update where you can play 8vs8.In this map, there are 8 players in your team to finish and win the game your team has to reach a total of 80 kills before the enemy’s team. It is not enough about maps, We cannot write it in this blog post. You can find it other features of maps by playing yourself.

Different Category of Guns

In PUBG Mobile, there are a lot of guns available to play the game. Like guns are divided into different categories.

Assault Rifles

In this category, you will find all automatic guns like AKM, M416, M762, Groza, AUG, ScarL, MK47, M16A4, G36C, QBZ, etc.

Sniper Rifles

In the sniper category, there comes a variety of guns. Like AWM, Kar98, Win94, M24, Mini14, Mk14, QBU, Mk12, SKS, SLR, Mohsin Nagant, etc.


In the SMG category, there are also a lot of guns comes in this category. UZI, Vector, PP-Bizon, P90, UMP45, Tommy Gun, Mp5k, etc.


When we come to graphics, you will find quality graphics. Graphics can vary with devices. While some devices support 90FPS and it is huge and excellent graphics. You can adjust your gameplay smoothly. Most players select graphics Smooth and Extreme to get maximum gameplay.

Moreover, some devices are low end that can only support 30 to 40 FPS where you cannot go to extreme-level graphics. You have a good mobile phone to play this game. Because PUBG Mobile is an international game where the world’s best players participate with high-end devices.


In the end, we will say that PUBG Mobile is the best ever game launched by Tencent Gaming Buddy. You can enjoy its gameplay by yourself. From my personal experience, I have enjoyed a lot this game. Moreover, you can download this game from Google Play Store and enjoy its gameplay of this. That’s all from our end now it’s your turn to explore PUBG Mobile. Furthermore, you can also visit our website to get more games and apps which free to play.

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