BitLife MOD APK v3.2.14 Latets 2022 (Menu, God Mode)

About BitLife MOD APK

BitLife MOD APK is a simulation game about a new life you can set up independently. You can learn about how you birth on this earth relationship with your mother, your father, your brother, and your sister.

It is a game where you can start a new journey with a fresh startup. It gives a new life that you can run with your own choice. It gives us information about from birth to adulthood. In this game, your character will live as you want it.

Moreover, you can also undo or redo your life in BitLife MOD APK. If you get a wrong path or make a wrong decision, you can make it undone and suitable for your character’s life. Your health and happiness will also be counted in this game. Like you have to eat your character a healthy food or meal, and for happiness, it should be enjoying in its life.

Features of Bit Life MOD APK

Furthermore, you can also extend your character’s life by clicking one button. Your character will not die whether you want it. You can also decide for your character to live its life with happiness. There are different stages in our real life; like this in BitLife MOD APK, there are also different stages, and at different stages, there are events on each stage that your character will attend. In real life, we go to school at 5 or 4. There is also an event in this game that your character will reach at age 5. It will also go to school. At 15 or 16, he will go to college or high school like in daily life.

Enjoy The Life

In addition, when your character becomes an adult, it will go to club parties and have a drink if you allow. Your character will also have a girlfriend or boyfriend if you allow it. You can also decide whether you will go to university for further study, do a part-time job, or do a business or anything you want. It will do any work that you decide. If you want to do some social work, it will do it and work with a social working organization. If you want to do some military services, your character will also do it.

Make Own Decisions

Like in real life, there are some crucial facts that life depends on it, like happiness, health, intelligence, and appearance. But the most important is health. If your character has a healthy life, it will do many activities in its life. It does not matter about appearance but what you wear. Just wear anything you want at every event in your life. It’s your life. All your decisions can make life easier and better for you. Although your character has many choices in BitLife MOD APK, you must know the results of every choice. You can also make the decision right through a time machine. You can go back early and if you make a wrong decision, then make it right.

On the other hand, you can also make a lot of money by doing business. Your character will also have to manage finances that are earning in its life. Investing money in different kinds of businesses like real estate to make property, in other stock exchange businesses to buy and sell shares of big companies and become a business tycoon.

Make Money with it

It is the most factor to make your future bright many hurdles will come your way to make you fall like people will flirt with you to distract you from your vision. First, you have to settle; then you are old enough to date someone, then date it and marry a good partner that will understand you and help you in your life. You can also make your family happy by making a lot of money to take the expense of everything they want.

Life is tough to live, but if you make the right decisions, it will be easy for you. People will come into your life and try to ruin your happy family. But you must be sincere with your family and your life partner. Otherwise, your life will be like hell.

Using BitLife MOD APK is straightforward:

  • Pick an option given on the mobile screen.
  • Just click it.
  • Jump to the next stage or event.

It is a fantastic game that has more exciting features. If you think about how your life has to go, then you should try this game and try to make an experiment on real life. It’s a simulation category game that you know about. Simulation games are more exciting stories and strategies-making games.


Ultimately, we will say that its mod version is also available to download. You can have unlimited coins and money to utilize in the BitLife MOD APK. It’s a hacked version of the game that can never end a game, and you can play it without spending any money to play this game.

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